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Australian fires

page 34 – 35

When the fires were out of control in January 2020 and they were heading to the outer suburbs of Syndey, Australias largest city.

On the TV news the state premier stated.”
The fires are out of control and the firefighters are exhausted, the only thing that can put these fires out is Rain, and considering its the middle of summer there is no rain forecast on the horizon and none is due till April.
It seemed an impossible situation.

Mike came to me and said, “Let’s ask Satan to bring the rain to put the firers out”.
I said “why not there is nothing to lose” we went to our Satanic altar and knelt at the altar and prayed to satan. We asked him for rain and even though its the middle of summer we still ask you for rain.

The next day a low air pressure was forming in south Australia and only 36 hours from that prayer there was huge low bringing rain across South Australia, NSW, and Victoria.

Two days later the premier was on the TV news again and she said. The rain was welcome and it gave the firefighters cooler weather to fight the fires, but it caused problems for fire trucks as the wet soil caused them to skid. What we need is not 20mls of rain we need 200 mils of rain.

 So Mike and I said let’s pray for more rain. 

Again we knelt at our Satanic altar.

We both contributed in the prayer to almighty Satan. 


    “Satan, this time bring so much rain that it will cause flooding and bring 300mls of rain, bring so much rain that even the drought-stricken farmers get rain, bring so much rain that the drought-stricken towns get rain and fill the reservoirs.”     

Two days later the Premier said on the TV news that heavy rain was forecast and flooding was imminent.

A few days later that rain came huge amounts on all three states. The very next day the rain intensified, and the rain was heavy. Even where we live which is 300kilometres from the fires was threatening to cause flooding and there was no way fires would not be put out. For that much rain in summer that covered the whole state was unheard of 


    The NSW premier came onto TV again and said they wanted 200 mls of rain but they got a whopping 300 mls ( 12 inches of Rain) of rain and flooding and the fires were all out. 

Farms that had not had rain for 9 years had heavy rain and filled their water storage dams.

One town had run out of water and the news showed the dam empty and now its full.  


Then a band of rain came in from the other direction and NSW had their wettest week for 21 years.

 Mike and I didn’t ask Satan to stop the rain as we thought why not let the rain keep coming.


This rain continued for many months and this summer and autumn into winter has been one of the wettest on record. 

In late June 2020, there was a  report from NASA’s Earth Observatory

They took natural-colour images two years apart, in May of 2018 and again in June 2020.  

The 2018 photo shows land ravaged by record heatwaves – reaching 49.9C ( 122F ) in some areas that year – and the lowest rainfall in almost a century.  

In the most recent image, large swathes of green can be seen spreading across Victoria and New South Wales.  

According to the Bureau of Meteorology average to above-average rainfall from January to May this year, led to soil moisture recovery in much of the area. Melbourne received around 400mm ( 16 inches) of rain from January to April, almost eight times more than the same time period in 2019, and the wettest since 1924. 

new york city

page 40

4 days before the Covid-19 pandemic.
Coming into New York it was late evening, we got off the train to go to our hotel. The hotel had no booking for us and only her computer failed. We went to a restaurant that was almost full at that time, Father Graham couldn’t breathe inside.
I went to see one of the waiters inside to see if we could sit outdoors, he said it was only used in the summer months. As we walked away the manager came out to give his approval for us to sit outside.

Had we sat inside the crowded restaurant we could have been exposed to the Virus. One of our experiences we as humans cant explain.

The next night we met a guy called Mathew, we have been chatting to online that was promoting our Satanic ministry for us. We arranged to meet up for dinner with him, we then went to several places that were not suitable for Father Graham to be in. Eventually, we got to a place which was a fine dining restaurant.
He couldn’t breathe inside, but they had various tables outside stacked with chairs. The manager came out and let us have a table outside. We wanted to talk about Satan’s ministry …Satan’s presence was there to make sure we could talk freely without anyone else around. Had we sat in crowded restaurants we could have been exposed to the Coronavirus. Two days later we were going to see the concert of Celine Dion with 19,000 people.
The day before Father Graham got the flue with a bad cough which stopped us from going to the concert. We could see that Satan stopped us from going to the concert. At this stage, the Covid-19 was no threat to NYC but only seven days later New York was the worst city in the country for the virus. Our hotel was right in Times Square. Satan changed his mind in letting us go to that concert of 19,000 people, Satan protected us from the Virus that still wasn’t a threat in NYC, but as we all now know the virus was there infecting unsuspecting people with the virus.

Satan protected us from the Virus yet again.

misguided Christians

page 61

A pamphlet was going around campus last week about how gays are child-molesting monsters, who want to infect the world with aids and need Jesus to purge them of the gay… That’s wasn’t great and the professors were all ok with it. Satanas!!
Christians are so quick to target Gays and forget the wider community.

A few years ago when Mike and I did know a Christian Lady ( she is divorced and single ). She said to us that she found is difficult to deal with Mike and I and her Gay brother. So I said to her. The Bible clearly states that only Married males and females having sex are not committing a sin, and all male and female and same-sex couples that have sex are equal and committing sin and will go to hell.

She said I am right and I said I know I am right because that’s what the Bible says. So I said to her. I know you have a boyfriend and if you have sex you are equal to your Gay brother ( if he has sex ) . She was confronted with truth and didn’t like it, yet said that yes I am right. The thing is Christians are so quick to target Gays then forget about themselves.

According to the Bible, if any unmarried person has sex with another person they will not go to heaven. But most Christians take from the Bible what suits them and forget what they don’t want to read. Also, the thing is this. Who of those Christians that you have to associate with can guarantee they will go to heaven by implying such evil propaganda at that statement. They’re committing untruths and evil and intentionally sin themselves and when we Satanists meet them in Hell its payback time.

personal testamony

page 72

My experience with Father Graham was nothing but powerful and extraordinary.

Since talking to Father Graham online about four years ago, my life is slowly but surely changing. Especially in the last two years.
I had spiritual and sexual experiences on a level with Father Graham that I did not know was possible.

The products he sells really have a powerful energy in them.

In San Francisco, at Folsom Fair 2018, I first met Father Graham and had the honor of meeting him and Mike. Knowing him in real life, I felt Satan’s level of power that he really has and is nothing short of extraordinary.

The satanic sexual worship we performed was physically and spiritually powerful almost like he was Satan.

Also at the Folsom st Fair in San Francisco, I was able to help Mike and Father Graham promoted their booth. https://pathontheleft.com and at the end of the day he let me keep the things I modeled.

Although the Fair was last year, I still feel the energy and power of Satan, and it seems that I am being filled with charismatic energy and power.

Father Graham is really legitimate, and by the way, he not only serves he worships Satan, but also the way Mike and Father Graham live their lives.

Both are true honest Satanists
Mark Crump Ms, SA

satan blesses his servants

page 93

Every-time I fuck I shout out his name and to hell with the other guys I am with they will know Satan is inside my cock, if they don’t agree well stuff it, I’m with him and I enjoy the benefits he gives me and I love the benefits, so guys every time you fuck do it in Satans name.

Recently Mike and I went to a gay sauna. In the dark room, there was a lot of action but I felt I needed more attention. So found a dark single room and in private I prayed to Satan. I told him it’s my turn to have a center of attention so I can shout out his name for all to hear.

I went back to the darkroom and no one was there, then two guys came in, then Mike and a few guys followed. Mike wanted to be fucked ( Very rare that he wanted to be fucked ) One guy fucked him and just watching this spectacular view got my dick really hard.

Satan told me its my turn to fuck the man that (Mike) I have loved for the last 17 years. My cock went into him and in my mind, I was calling out to Satan.

Then like a bolt of lightening Satans power came through me and into Mike, it was as if we were connected as one and my cock and balls grew in size as I fucked Mike and the lust and power in my cock was not me, It was as if no one else was there.

Then without thinking, I shouted out loudly “Hail Satan” “Satan this is fantastic”.

I Mike and I was floating above the bed on a cushion of air. My cum exploded in him and over his back and I collapsed on the bed and my breathing becomes heavy.

I staggered out and found a quiet room and It took about 20 minutes for my breathing to be back to normal. And to comprehend what had just happened.


visitors in my bed

page 187

When one is a committed Satanist we have control.

My first time my demon visited me was a cold winter night. My bedroom wasn’t heated.
He took the quilt off me and lifted me from the bed about 1 meter and had me facing down. I was completely horizontal to the bed.

His big hands gently massaged my whole body. He did it for about 15 minutes then put me back into bed and covered me with the quilt just like loving Dad would to his son that he loves.

I told Mike of the experience, and he said it was a dream and I assured him it was no dream.

I woke up at 1 am and my Demon was in bed with me, and I was powerless, and he was in control. I called out to Satan telling him of my appreciation. He kissed me and held me close. His soft hands rubbing me all over.

After a good 30 minutes, he went away. So I got up and prayed to Satan for the experience then prayed for all the guys I mentor or had in the past. Then I went back to bed. I sniffed poppers, and He came back and took control again in this soft gentle loving perfection.

A Demon came to visit me while I was half asleep at 3.30am, he lifted me out of bed .
He held me close in a loving embrace with our legs and arms entangled.

He kissed me with a powerful long kiss, while his arms and legs wrapped around me and his cock was hard as a rock rubbing up against mine in a loving embrace of lust and love. The feelings were surreal as it was perfect. I told Satan many times how wonderful it felt in worship.