About the  author

Graham Hatch
Also known as Father Graham.  

Improve Your Value

Graham Hatch, also known as Father Graham lives with his partner, in Central Victoria, Australia.

Also, Graham was inspired to write all books to share his personal experiences as a mentor of people that want to make dramatic lifestyle changes to live a life with meaning and fulfillment.

Most of the people he has helped are LGBT.

But the same principles are for any genders and that is where his mentoring is at now and even families. 

 He has written and compiled two ebooks and now is working on a third book that will be soon published in hard copy which is more than double the content of the ebooks. 

This book has some content from the EBooks but mostly all new data.

This book is to be released only as a book in late 2020. 


Graham and Michael’s experience in the USA in Feb and March 2020 inspired him to share the extraordinary and extreme circumstances and blessings at the start of the Covid19 pandemic. And what they experienced with supernatural protection of the virus, prompted Graham to write it and tell the world that a Supernatural lifestyle is way more than what most religions perceive.


   Graham Hatch, also                known as             Father Graham 


Satan has chosen me to tell the world the amazing alternative available to them


My personal experience is a story that needs to be told.

These books are all Fact and are being used for their practacle use.